Street Sweeping Information

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Mission Statement: To provide every resident in Chimney Hill with a clean, enjoyable, and desirable place to live.
Vision: To protect and positively influence property values.

Projects that have been completed in 2023:
●Removed the blacktop from the common area behind the tennis courts
●Replacement of pool tables, chairs, and umbrellas
●Painted the picnic tables under the pavilion
●Installed a driveway at the garage
●Replaced the pool motor
●Removal of the split rail fence at the common area near the basketball courts
Upcoming planned projects: Replacement of the pump house doors, addressing some pool repairs (pool surface cracks, replacement of pool light and possibly a dye test to detect any leaks).

City Projects
●Dredging project – the lakes are man-made bodies of water that were constructed to convey stormwater from the neighborhood streets.  Over time, the lakes have accumulated sediment and debris. The purpose of the dredging is to restore, as much as possible, the design (storage) capacity of the lake by removing the excess sediment and debris. The dredging will help improve the water quality and stormwater flow through the lake.  The project includes dredging the lake, and stabilization of outfall structures where needed.  This project started with the lake located near the basketball courts in January and continued until mid-summer. Currently, they are dredging the lake across the street near Bunyan Road.
●Chimney Hill Parkway Sanitary Sewer Rehab – The project involved the installation of 60 linear feet of sewer pipe and a manhole.  This project was necessary to fix the defects in the public infrastructure and to ensure compliance with the state and federal regulations.

Community Survey
We have conducted a survey for most of the year asking the community about our current common area amenities and CHCA sponsored events.  This came about because we went out for bids for the resurfacing/milling of the basketball courts and the tennis courts in 2022. We have been exploring other options, but we need your help with determining what to do with the space. We have surveys at the front sign in table.  Please fill it out and submit it to us.  Your feedback is important to us.  It lets us know what the community would like to see as far as amenities, events, and suggestions. 


2023 Pool Season:

We started working on the 2023 pool season during the fall of 2022.  First, the Board researched if our pool met the requirements for a swim at your own risk waiver through the Virginia Beach Health Department. Due to the size of the pool, we do not qualify for the waiver, therefore, we must have lifeguards on duty. The Board went out for bids for pool contracts for the 2023 pool season.  We selected a new pool company, Sage Pools, and a separate maintenance contract from Freedom Pools.  We started advertising for lifeguards in February and interviews were held in March. Out of 20+ interviews, only a handful actually showed up. We were able to directly hire one pool manager/lifeguard, one lifeguard and an attendant for check in.  A week before the pool was scheduled to open Sage Pools notified us that they were only able to provide one lifeguard for the season and not the two lifeguards that our contract stated. The Board decided to give notice to end the contract and the last day would be 07/31/2023. That weekend our pool manager and our lifeguard quit and with our Sage Contract ending that would mean our pool would close.           CHCA Office staff notified the community that the pool would be closed until further notice.  We opened our lifeguard ad again and further communicated with Sage Pools.  Sage was able to accommodate the reminder of the season with two lifeguards and we were able to directly hire another lifeguard.  We finished the pool season with the pool being open daily from noon – 7pm.
Our goal is to have a safe, controlled, and enjoyable environment for everyone during pool season!
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Electronic Communications
We have implemented an electronic communication source with our residents. What does that mean?  We have created a community-wide e-mail list to send out meeting reminders, event reminders, newsletters and/or notes to our residents.  Unfortunately, we are not able to e-mail invoices, violations, or meeting decisions due to our documents stating all written correspondence must be mailed via US postal service.  If a homeowner requests a copy via e-mail, then of course we can provide it. This allows us to communicate with our residents more and keep everyone informed


2024 Assessments:

The 2024 proposed budget is based off the 3.2% CPI increase from July 2023’s report.  The assessments for 2024 will be $293.00, which is a $9.00 increase from 2023’s assessments. Invoices will be mailed via Truist in January 2024. Assessments are due by March 31st of every year unless otherwise stated.
Chimney Hill Declaration of Covenants, Covenant for Maintenance Assessments, Section 2: Purpose of Assessments: The assessments levied by the Association shall be used exclusively to promote the recreation, health, safety, and welfare of the residents in Chimney Hill and for the improvements and maintenance of the Common Area.
Section 3,C: The maximum annual assessment may be increased each year by not more than the increase; if any, as outlined in the Revised Consumer Price Index – U.S. City Averages.  All items are published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States Department of Labor

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Chimney Hill Community Association is the Master Association, which means we provide the events and the amenities to you. Community Group is the management company you would contact in regards to inspections, maintenance, trash, parking, etc.
Manager: Dania
Direct #: 757-747-0913
Main #: 757-499-2200
E-mail -
Virginia Beach Branch:
4534 Bonney Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm
Is your home on the market or planning to sell?
As of July 1, 2023, Virginia law changed to require up front payment for resale disclosure packages that are required to be purchased by the seller for the buyer. Virginia Code Section 55.1-2316:“Unless provided otherwise by the association, the appropriate fees shall be paid when the resale certificate, updated resale certificate, or financial update is requested. The seller shall be responsible for all fees associated with the preparation and delivery of the resale certificate, including any fees for inspection of the unit. The requesting party shall pay any fees for the preparation and delivery of the updated resale certificate or financial update.”
Please visit our website, "forms and resources" scroll to "Resale Order Form".
Please discuss this with your realtor when selling your home.