Mission Statement: To provide every resident in Chimney Hill with a clean, enjoyable, and desirable place to live.
Vision: To protect and positively influence property values

If you plan on visiting the office or attending upcoming meetings, we ask the following:


Get Empowered using See-Click-Fix!

Get Empowered using See-Click-Fix!
See-Click-Fix is an app which empowers Virginia Beach residents with an easy way to report community issues in need of the City's attention. You can easily report items such street lights being out, potholes, malfunctioning traffic signals, drainage problems, graffiti, illegal dumping of trash, landscaping issues on public and private properties, etc. If you see it, click it, and fix it!
See-Click-Fix contains a map where you can quickly identify the location of problems reported by other people and you will be surprised at everything going on around you. This program is extremely valuable because it provides an easy way for you to help maintain the appearance of your neighborhood and help in the safety of your community.
Download the SCF app for your phone or tablet or visit https://en.seeclickfix.com and get empowered today.
REMEMBER: "See Something ~ Say Something" - it is easy to make a difference!

Please remember if your mailing address, e-mail address, phone number, or changed property managers to please update your information with our office. All of our forms can be found under "Forms and Resources". Please e-mail admin@chimney-hill.net the completed Homeowner’s Update Form. Thank you!
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2021 Assessments
Chimney Hill Community Association Assessments for 2021 are $249.00 for the year. Invoices will be mailed out near the end of January 2021 and are due by March 31, 2021. Acceptable forms of payment: check, money order or cashier’s check made payable to CHCA. We DO NOT accept debit, credit cards or cash - there will not be any exceptions. If you plan to pay your assessments online with BB&T or through your online bill pay service; you must use the serial number and unit number (which are the same) you will also need your bill pay number, which is unique for you and your account. This information was mailed out in January with the 2021 Invoices.  This information does not change please store it with your other important documents. If not paid by March 31, 2021 then a 5% late fee will be added to all unpaid assessments and will be referred to our collection attorney on May 01, 2021. Functions that take place at Chimney Hill are for all Chimney Hill homeowners and renters (with permission from the homeowner), as long as the assessments are paid. Please be sure that your assessments are paid to prevent any delay in letting you have access to the pool, basketball courts, tennis courts, and pickle ball court, events, clubhouse, the ACC and Homeowner’s meetings.
COMMUNITY DROP BOX: The drop box is located at the front of the office door. You can drop off all correspondence including your HOA Assessment Payments. *Please always include your name and property address so we can contact you if needed.