Mission Statement: To provide every resident in Chimney Hill with a clean, enjoyable, and desirable place to live.
Vision: To protect and positively influence property values

Board Member Election Form

If you are interested in being a Board Member and running in the CHCA 2021 election please submit the “Self Nominating Form” by September 30, 2021 to have your name listed on the Ballot.

Sitting on the board of your homeowner’s association is a rewarding way to get involved in your community, get to know your neighbors, and personally ensure that your property values are preserved and protected–for the immediate future and in the long run. 


Download "CHCA Self Nom Form.pdf"

The Chimney Hill Community Association, Inc. Board of Directors invites you to attend the 2021 Annual Meeting to be held on Tuesday, October 19, 2021, at 7:00 PM at Green Run High School Cafeteria, 1700 Dahlia Dr, Virginia Beach, VA 23453.
The purpose of the annual meeting is to conduct all lawful business of the Association, including election of directors. We invite any current *homeowner of record in **good standing to submit an application to volunteer as a member of the Board of Directors for the vacant openings to be considered. You may go to www.chimney-hill.net to retrieve the application to fill out and submit to the office at least 5 business days prior to the meeting.
In order to conduct the official business of the annual meeting, a quorum requirement of one-fifth (1/5) of our *homeowners of record in **good standing must be present or by proxy.

8:00AM- 2:00PM!

CHCA residents can come by the office Monday thru Friday between 9 am-5 pm to pick up your free balloons (2) to put out the morning of the yard sale to let shoppers know you are participating. Condo and townhome residents are welcome to set up on the lawn area between Bunyan Rd & the office parking lot as well as the lawn area adjacent to the basketball courts. Please leave the parking lots available for shoppers to park.
Over 1,307 homes in Chimney Hill, sell & shop for treasured items and collectibles. This is a great opportunity to make some extra money and clear out some space in your home.
Updating Rec Cards
If you already have a Rec Card, please bring in your old passes and we will re-sticker them with 2021 stickers. Please be sure that your assessments are paid and that your account has a zero balance to prevent any delay. Replacement passes are $5.00 each exact cash only. If you are a new homeowner or you are a homeowner who has never received a pass please click on the tab "forms & resources", fill out the pool pass form and email to admin@chimney-hill.net or drop it in the mail slot in the front door, we'll make your passes & call you once they are ready for pick up. If you are a new tenant or a tenant who has never received a Rec Card, then the homeowner or property manager will need to follow the steps above and submit the proper paperwork to us before we can issue passes.
The best way to communicate with your Association is to attend our meetings: The monthly ACC Meetings are the 1st Tuesday of every month at 7:00PM in the Clubhouse. The specific purpose for the ACC Committee is to maintain, preserve and to control the architectural integrity of individual properties and common areas within Chimney Hill Community Association.
Board meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7:00PM in the Clubhouse. The Homeowners have an opportunity to discuss with the Board any thoughts, concerns, ideas, and questions during open session. Homeowners are welcome to stay throughout the meeting to hear discussions and what the Board is doing within the Community.
Hope to see you there!

 Chimney Hill Community Association Assessments for 2021 are $249.00 for the year. Invoices were mailed out in January 2021 and were due by March 31, 2021. Acceptable forms of payment: check, money order or cashier’s check made payable to CHCA. We DO NOT accept debit, credit cards or cash. If you plan to pay your assessments online with BB&T or through your online bill pay service; you must use the serial number and unit number (which are the same) you will also need your bill pay number, which is unique for you and your account. You can find this information on your BB&T invoice. This information does not change please store it with your other important documents. If not paid by March 31, 2021, then a 5% late fee was added to all unpaid assessments and will be referred to our collection attorney after May 01, 2021. Functions that take place at Chimney Hill are for all Chimney Hill homeowners and renters (with permission from the homeowner), as long as the assessments are paid. Please be sure that your assessments are paid to prevent any delay in gaining access to the pool, basketball courts, tennis courts, and pickle ball court, events, clubhouse, the ACC and Homeowner’s meetings.
COMMUNITY DROP BOX: The drop box is located at the front of the office door. You can drop off all correspondence including your HOA Assessment Payments. *Please always include your name and property address so we can contact you if needed.

If your mailing address, e-mail address, phone number, and/or you have changed property managers to please update your information with our office. All of our forms can be found under "Forms and Resources". Download the “Homeowner’s Update Form”, fill it out and e-mail it to admin@chimney-hill.net.
The yard of the month program has been established to recognize the efforts of residents within Chimney Hill Community Association, whether they are Homeowner’s or Tenants, who demonstrate a clear and consistent desire to maintain or improve their property above normal expectations. The ACC Committee would like to give you the recognition you deserve for creating a beautiful, well-kept yard. This is a great way to maintain property values and make the neighborhood beautiful and inviting.
You can also stop by the CHCA Office to submit your recommendation located at 800 Chimney Hill Parkway, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462. Please take note that any recommendations without a complete address will not be considered.
All entries must be in by the third week of the month and will be considered for the following month.


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